Monday, November 30, 2009

Too soon. Too soon. Too soon. Okay, now.

It feels like it was just last week that people were putting up and turning on their Christmas lights and I was saying, "Too soon!" But now, it's the last day of November already. Hubby and Little Mister have had their birthdays, the house is decorated, Santa parades have begun and ended, and December starts tomorrow.

Too soon!

I like the lingering lead up to Christmas. I don't like it to be too drawn out, but I like to take my time approaching it. And already we're into discount sales on Christmas decorations. Why so soon? Do they need the space for Valentine's Day already? Seriously.

I do have some Christmas shopping done. Hubby is partially bought for, as are his mother and one of my sisters. And our cards are done (thank you Vistaprint and half off photo cards and free shipping).

I guess I'm fine with the passage of time. Though the office Christmas party is this week already. That feels soon. But it's always in early December, so I suppose it's not.

I think I just need to spend some time focused on what is important. Advent isn't something I grew up with, but I really appreciate it. I need to spend time on it, though. Contemplation doesn't just happen, and it isn't my strong suit. Quiet reflection and meditation are something I aspire to, rather than accomplish, it seems.

The Little Miss always wants to go looking at Christmas lights, and thus far we've been a little disappointed. I guess we were early on that. I'm ready for them now.

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