Monday, November 9, 2009

More weather wonk

Okay, so summer was cooler than usual. And the peak of autumn colour has already passed us by. Usually we're just hitting it now. And today it's 16C at 9:30am. It should be around 6C or so (that's about 61 and 43 degrees American respectively). Very weird.

Though if I can find batteries for the camera, I hope the weather will afford me a chance to catch some great pics of the kids playing outside that I can use for our Christmas card this year. There's a great offer at for half price photo cards and free shipping. Definitely worth doing. If only I could find batteries.

Speaking of going outside with the kids, I think today we'll do a little nature walk. Collecting leaves and sticks and such and sticking them on some paper. Kind of a way to capture a little of the autumn before the snow flies.

Which I hope isn't too far off. It's harder to get into the Christmas mood when it's mild out. I like snow for Christmas time. Either way, though, it's coming. Hubby put the lights up on the house yesterday (again taking advantage of the mild weather). We won't turn them on until first Advent or so (last Sunday in November). Unlike about a dozen or so houses in the neighbourhood. Too soon. Then again, some stores are already playing Christmas music. Way too soon!

But, in the spirit of the (baking) season, I did buy some candied fruit last night. Not that hubby eats anything with it, but I do. I'm one of those who likes Christmas fruit cakes. Very much. Not the marzipan topped ones, mind you. Just the plain ones. Yum. I won't be making fruit cake (I don't think), but I do want to make some fruited yeast bread, and maybe some cannoli cookies. Mmmmm

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