Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gourmet report

We had a lovely evening. The food was so yummy! We started with potatoes, cubed, par cooked and hollowed out and then deep fried. They were filled with sour cream and topped with caviar and chives. Honestly, I had never tried caviar before. Ditto another 6 out of the 9 of us. But save for one gal who could not bring herself to try it, we all liked it. I had two of them.

Our first course was a tart made from puff pastry, and then topped with dijon, emmental cheese, a little parm and some sliced tomatoes. It was sprinkled with herbes de provence. Really, really nice.

Next, salad. Wilted spinach salad with mushrooms, bacon and a warm cider mustard dressing. Really good, save for the mushrooms, which I don't care much for.

With the salad we had a wonderful bread. It's first rise took a whole day, and it had two more shorter rises after that. It was chewy and had such depth of flavour.

Then onto the main course. We had a cider marinated pork loin (it was supposed to be hard cider, but the gal misread it). It was very nice, even if the sauce was a bit sweet. The cracklings never happened because the butcher shop that assured the gal they could get the skin on fatback gave her just chunks of plain fat. No skin.

Anyway, with the pork we had roasted brussels sprouts with bacon, apples and pears. That was very nice. The sprouts take on a nutty taste, and the fruit counters the bitterness really well. Then there was the mashed potatoes with garlic, aged cheddar and bacon. Oh. Wow. They were magnificent! Creamy, garlicy, with the tang of cheese and the sweetness of the bacon. Yum!

My green apple sorbet was good, but I would definitely not keep the skins on the next time. Sorbet should just melt in the mouth. This had to be chewed a little.

Then, dessert. Autumn trifle with spiced pastry cream, roasted apples and pears and pumpkin caramel sauce. Very nice.

We were all quite full by evening's end. I think dessert did most of us in.

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