Friday, September 2, 2011

Party time

It's Labour Day weekend.  Typically fun, but usually a bit low key around here.  For most of my life I've either worked at (in my teen years) or gone to the local community carnival.  Before kids we kind of stopped going, but now that the Littles are older it's fun to take them.  Plus there's a parade and fireworks to look forward to.

I've been wanting to entertain on our new patio for a bit now, and since my first opportunity got rained out (in spectacular fashion - what a storm!), I decided to invite 4 couples around for a taco party.  I smoked a large pork "butt" last month, and then shredded it up and froze it.  I'll take it out (today, must remember) and fry it in batches to crisp the shreds up a bit.  Then I'll pile the meat into the crock pot and serve it all with flour and corn tortillas, my lacto-fermented salsa, some guacamole that a friend is bringing, cheese, sour cream and pickled jalapenos.  We'll probably have a bonfire and s'mores afterwards. Though I doubt I'll make the marshmallows myself.  Then again, you never know.

The other day I made two chocolate cakes.  Oh, did I mention that somehow my baby girl is turning 4 this weekend too?  I don't know who told her she could get so big, but she has.  So we're having a party for her on Sunday.  At her request there will be pizza, chocolate cake (possible filled with Nutella) and... sushi.  Yep, my soon to be 4 year old who has never had sushi or seen us eat it (we don't) wants to try it at her birthday party.  Going with recommendations from my sister, a friend and a random stranger, I contacted a local restaurant about making a platter of miniature sushi and they are more than happy to accommodate my request.  We will have 16 small bites and 16 regular sized pieces, with an assortment of fruit, veggie and cooked fish fillings.  This should be interesting.  Must remember the camera.

Then there's church snack.  Without thinking, I volunteered to make snack for this Sunday when the call went out last week.  Okay, no problem.  Chocolate chip cookies are easy.  But boring.  So of course I had to play.  The resulting Butterscotch Coffee Drops are on my Church Snacks Blog.

On Monday the inlaws have agreed to either make dinner, or take us all out.  LOL

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