Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I don't wear a poppy

As Remembrance Day approaches, you'll find me wearing a button from Mennonite Central Committee that reads, "To remember is to work for peace," instead of a poppy. (A note to international non-commonwealth readers - you can find out more about the significance of the poppy here)

I don't wear a poppy
Not out of disrespect
Nor do I view Remembrance Day
As a time to not reflect
On sacrifices that were made
Upon war's great cost
But my heart does not forget about
ALL lives that were lost.
Poppies blow in Flander's Field
To remind us of the brave
But may we not forget about
ALL people in war's grave.
On the 11th I think about my hope
That guns and wars will cease
And teach myself and my children that"To remember is to work for peace."

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