Saturday, November 13, 2010

Flash Mob

We saw a flash mob today.  It was pretty surreal, even though we were pretty sure something was going to happen (all we had to go on was an internet rumour).  There was an older lady against a wall playing Christmas music at one end of the food court.  Nothing odd there.  Malls have people play Christmas music, and there was a sign for a local charity and some brochures and such beside her.  We grabbed lunch and sat down, still not knowing where it was going to happen, exactly.  We were expecting dancing.  I've never heard of a singing flash mob.

Hubby noticed some microphones taped to some poles, and was suspicious of the amount of audio gear that was set up for just a lady and a Yamaha keyboard.  I saw a guy with a camera wandering around, and there was another with a video camera.

We started looking around, trying to figure out who was going to be a part of this.  There were a lot of seniors around us.  Then the music went from rather lame to a very rousing rendition of Jingle Bells, with quite a grand (and louder) finish.  Then the first chords of the Hallelujah Chorus began.  Suddenly this cute woman who had been talking on her cell phone popped up and belted out the opening "Hallelujah!"  Bit by bit a good 70% of the food court stood and joined in, including many of those seniors.  It was incredible.  Really incredible.


  1. Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I wonder how many might have just known it & joined in -- I know I would have! I bet the acoustics were just awesome.