Friday, January 1, 2010


Well, welcome to 2010. Is that Two Thousand Ten, Two Thousand AND Ten or Twenty Ten? I haven't settled one one yet. Whatever you call it, welcome to it.

I'd like to have some introspective, retrospective blog post. Something witty and engaging, with the power to motivate readers to stick to resolutions to change their lives, while simultaneously feeling good about past mistakes and looking realistically at the challenges ahead.

Who am I kidding? I can read that stuff on a hundred other blogs. This one is and always has been just about me and what's going on around me. And right now not much is going on. The Christmas decorations are down. The eve of the new year (and decade) was spent eating tacos and creme brulee with hubby. We watched the annual Air Farce special (the F-bomb sucks... bring back the chicken cannon) and played Wii. Then we watched Larry Gowan and Styxx from Niagara Falls until the new year crept in. Went to bed about half an hour later and woke up to light snow and a fairly normal day. Dinner at the inlaws in a while. And my soon to be brother in law will be home from the hospital after going in on Christmas day with some kind of bowel obstruction and emergency surgery.

The new year brings new hope, new promise and a lot of other hype. But for me it's fairly low key. I don't do resolutions. I don't have a special, super healthy breakfast as a way of symbolizing what I want me year to be like. I do what I do each day. I surround myself with my family, I go about my business and I enjoy the little things, like listening to hubby and the little mister challenge each other to MarioKart DS.

But on a day like today, I do a little more looking forward to the future. The flow of the year stretches out before me. Gardening is in my mind now, as my little veg and berry patch is slowly (ever so slowly) being covered in snow.

And so it goes. January into February into March and so on. Only this year I hope it goes by a little more slowly. 2009 somehow melted into a homogeneous mass of days that just slid by rather quickly. And we're back to January again.

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