Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mmmm, Danishes

Okay, I will get back to the business of blogging about life and home and gardens and homeschooling and such. But I came across a blog page today that has me thinking of actually attempting to make Danishes.

It looks so easy. Of course, there is no recipe on that page for the dough. I imagine myself making these with store bought puff pastry. At least at first. I am not a baker. I have always preferred to cook; to change things up to the last few moments before serving. But since having kids, I've taken more of a shine to baking. And these pastry shaping tips, assuming that store bought puff pastry will work, are really getting me thinking of reasons and occasions where I can try my hand at them. I do hope that our son is not allergic to tree nuts (he doesn't seem to be). There is a place nearby that grows nuts and have no peanuts on site anywhere. So those nuts will be safe for us to use, which will allow me to try those Bear Claws, which look wonderful.

Next week we're "back to school." I'll blog about that as I go along. For now, my mind is awhirl with golden, flaky pastry.

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