Monday, September 14, 2009

Fluid learning

I love the fluidity of learning, and the homeschool environment. This morning we sat down to do some spelling. We finished up beginning and ending letters on simple words and moved on to the short 'a' sound. Part way through, the little mister asks about rain and how it happens. That lead to a whole discussion about evaporation and condensation, which lead to me plugging in the kettle and putting ice in a bowl and demonstrating both principles (while both kids begged ice chips to munch on).

It so happens that the Sid the Science Kid programme is focusing on weather this week, so we have a springboard for more discussion and a way to solidify what we talked about this morning a little more. It's wonderful. I'm going to look around online for more interesting ways to set the concepts. Eventually we want to buy a weather station so that we can track the weather and chart it and such. I think it will be really fun.

For those following the tomato saga, something has been boring into them and eating them. I've lost about half of the San Marzanos already. I think I'll just buy them next year, since they take up so much space and aren't ripening at an even pace. I can't make sauce a dozen tomatoes at a time. I did dry the last ones that I got and froze them for later.

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