Friday, March 9, 2012

My poor, neglected blog

As I type this, I have an adorable 4 year old girl and a sweet 7 year old boy coughing on either side of me.  The Boy fell to the sick last Saturday.  By Sunday he was feverish.  Little Miss followed suit by Monday.  While the fevers are gone, a lingering cough has made both miserable and sleep elusive.  I'm not one to go to the doctor for a sniffle, but this was getting to be too much.  For all of us.  So last night we saw a doctor, got some puffers, and hopefully set the kids on the road to recovery.

In the meantime life has been all but paused.  The house is... messy.  The dishes, however (by the grace of my amazing husband) are mostly caught up (not that we're using a lot - the kids haven't eaten much and I haven't cooked a full meal in nearly a week).  Social commitments are on hold.  And my poor blog has been on the back burner for quite a while. 

I don't exactly have a recipe to share right now anyway.  Though with a bit more dedicated time I may put together a fantasy post of foods I'm itching to try.  I can offer a book review though.

I ordered a book late last week and was eagerly awaiting its arrival.  Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It: And Other Kitchen Projects, by Karen Solomon.  I have been getting into preserving more and more, and I'd heard some buzz about this book and it piqued my interest.

I probably should have paid more heed to the reviews.  While many are great, some seem to come from people like myself, looking for something more relevant to actual preserving.  I don't need recipes for pretzels, bagels and curry powder, nor are they what I was expecting.  It's a great book, but just not for me.  I think I want something more "hippie-ish" as my husband calls it.  Something with more actual preserving information, not just interesting recipes for making store bought items at home.

I'm taking recommendations.  And watch this space for a fantasy food post.  Coming.... whenever my spare time isn't occupied by trying to cram in sleep to make up for what I'm not getting through the night.

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