Friday, October 28, 2011

Full time blogging

So it's been nearly a month since my last entry.  I'd ask where the month went, but I haven't figured that out for the previous 9 months, so how would I know this time around?  It was the beginning of the month, then Thanksgiving, then general life, our anniversary, and now we're closing in on Hallowe'en, my birthday, the dawn of a new month, the holiday season whose name I will not mention until at least after Hallowe'en, if not until after Remembrance Day....  It's all going so quickly.

Clearly I would not make a good full time blogger.  Never mind that I do not know how to take blog-worthy photographs.  I can't seem to find the time to write when inspiration strikes, or the inspiration when time allows to blog every single day.  Or even every week!  Hopefully my followers are content with the posts which I do produce.

Speaking of time and it racing by, I am going to take a few moments to be deliberate about Autumn before allowing myself to slide into.... not going to say it.  I have a few pins on Pinterest that I can share...

Toothy pumpkins on my Holidays board

 A cool way to turn old books into Autumn decor

And the template hubby used last year for one of our Jack O Lanterns

He may do that one again this year.  It turned out really well.

We're not a family that is into gore or spooky stuff and whatnot, so I won't be baking Mummy cupcakes, or witches fingers or making up a batch of goblin phlegm punch or anything like that.  We're more into Autumn flavours than Hallowe'en creepiness. I've made butternut squash soup already, and I have been looking at a recipe for soft pumpkin dinner rolls that I want to try.  But no "Hallowe'en-y" stuff.  Though I do like to use the abundance of chocolate bars and Smarties to make cookies (for my U.S readers, Smarties here are like a much better version of your chocolate M&Ms.  Your Smarties are what we call "Rockets" and would not be good in baking).

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