Monday, March 14, 2011

ABC of Me (fluff)

Stolen Borrowed from a friend at 365 Days to a New Me.  Just a little fluff that gives a bit of a picture about who I am.  Thought it would be fun while I get back into the groove of posting recipes and thoughts about food, faith and family.

Age: 38
Bed Size: Queen
Chore You Hate: Putting away laundry
Dogs: Had one for about a year or so when I was about 11.  The kids want one "after the cats die."
Essential Start of Your Day: Coffee.  It's not a "need" as in "I have to have it to function."  I never used to drink it, but have come to enjoy the ritual of checking email and my social networks while enjoying a mug.  I normally only have that one in a day.
Favorite Color: Hmmm, not sure.  To wear I like shades of turquoise, light grey and baby pink.  But in decor I lean towards neutrals, yellows and blues.  And in general I like black, red, and purple.  LOL
Gold or Silver: Silver
Height: 5'3" or so
Instruments I Play: Does recorder count?  I still have the one my Dad bought me in grade 3, and I still play it.  I also played clarinet in high school.
Job Title: Stay at home mom, loving wife, homeschool parent, family cook.... I refuse to be defined!  LOL
Kids: 2
Live: Southern Ontario
Mom's Name: Roslyn. 
Nicknames: A friend of mine used to call me Alex.  It really isn't related to my name at all.  I called her Rocky, so I guess we were even.
Overnight Hospital Stays: Broke my wrist when I was 3 and had to stay overnight because I rebroke it after they set it.  My kids were born at home.
Pet Peeve: People who are perpetually late.
Quote From a Movie:  I just saw Amelie, so I'll go with one from that - You mean she would rather imagine herself relating to an absent person than build relationships with those around her?
Right or Left Handed: Right
Siblings: 2 sister
Time You Wake Up: Whenever hubby leaves for work, or the kids get up.  Whichever is later.
Underwear: Absolutely!  LOL
Veggie You Dislike: Mushrooms (though technically a fungus)
What Makes You Run Late: "Fat days."  I can't find anything to wear on those days, and it takes me longer to get dressed.
X-Rays You Have Had: wrist, lungs
Yummy Food You Make:Oh I make a lot.  I do steaks really well.  I also make great roast chicken, and delicious Brussels sprouts (though my family disagrees)
Zoo Animal You Like Best: You know, I haven't been to a proper zoo in so long, I'm not sure.  Though I adore penguins!

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