Monday, December 27, 2010

Ahhhh, the holidays

I know for some Christmas isn't over.  For some it hasn't even begun.  But for us, it's finished.  All that's left is to bask in it's fading glow and take down the decorations, which we'll do this week.  We like starting the new year fresh.  Sometimes I even buy myself a bouquet of white flowers to put in the window in place of the tree.

So how was it all?  Wonderful.  From the start of Advent through to the end of Boxing day, we were surrounded by the warmth of the season.  We had a white Christmas, heard a lot of inspirational messages over Advent that we'll be pondering for a long time to come, enjoyed the company of wonderful people and ate great food.

 Ah, the food.  I know that Christmas is traditionally a time of overindulgence.  Of tables laden with copious feasts.  And indeed, we attended a party with such a bounty.  But it was a potluck, so that is to be expected.  Christmas Eve brought us to finger foods at my sister's house.  Local cheeses, wonderful smoked meats, vegetables, crunchy bits and sweets covered the table from one end to the other.  But with two Littles to occupy and help with gifts, overindulgence wasn't really an option.  LOL

Our own Christmas meal was far from meager, but it wasn't over the top with buttons straining against pant fabric and comatose stupor descending upon us soon after.  We had a lovely smoked ham.  It was huge, mind you.  Just a bit over 8.5lbs for the 4 of us, including the Littles.  We barely made a dent in it.  But to accompany it was a simple spread of potatoes, carrots and parsnips roasted in bacon fat.  And a refreshing homemade candy cane ice cream for dessert.  That was it.  It was simple, it was sufficient and none of us felt the worse for it afterward.

We still have New Year's Day to go, and we'll have turkey with the inlawas (have to have turkey some time - hope it's a big one with lots of leftovers).  Then I'm sure my thoughts will turn to temple food which I blogged about last year.  And we'll be into 2011...

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