Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Square Foot Gardening

We're trying something new this year. "Square Foot Gardening." It's a rather radical approach to back yard gardening that minimizes space and maximizes yield. We are doing it on a small scale with some tomatoes, peppers, cukes and assorted greens and things like beets, radishes and broccoli. We went with two beds that are four by two rather than four by four. Here is the first one.

The tomatoes (and cukes in the next pic) will be supported on a net which we'll be installing shortly. They will grow vertically to both save space and allow for a more manageable growing and harvesting situation. Growing them vertically allows for better plant support as well.

Here is the second garden.

The Lemon Cucumber is a new experiment this year. I can't wait to see how they turn out. Ditto the Pak Choi.

I'll blog about the garden's progress as the season goes on. We'll mulch the beds once the seeds sprout. I suspect we'll need to water them this year (as opposed to last year when we barely needed to water anything).

And a special thanks to Linda Crago at Tree and Twig for her tireless dedication to heirloom plants. She is my source for the tomatoes, broccoli, the Sweet Pimento and the many of the seeds. Plus much of my inspiration.

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  1. Way to make good use of your space. I look forward to seeing updates on how everything is growing. I just harvest spring greens out of our garden this past weekend. It was great having a fresh salad already. Happy Gardening!