Monday, March 1, 2010

Need to debrief

Man, what an amazing two weeks. After non-stop Olympics, the abrupt end leaves me wanting to gather somewhere with a group and debrief. I want that connectedness back that we experienced over the past two weeks. The unending media coverage, conversations on every corner, discussions about each victory and loss on web forums, blogs about personal experiences, tweets from those who were there... I'm suffering from connected information withdrawal.

For two weeks, even as a spectator, I was a part of something. Something inspiring and amazing. My young children felt it too. As they did laps around the coffee table, pretending to be short track speed skaters, with my two year old calling, "Me team Canada Mommy!" As they sat one behind the other on the couch, leaning from side to side in an imaginary bobsleigh run. As they demanded to watch curling, to the exclusion of cartoons (fine by me). And as they asked me to sing Oh Canada, a song heard many times over these past two weeks. They may not have understood what they were connected to, but they were a part of something incredible. Something that has profoundly affected the very nation that they live in.

Quiet, humble pride gave way to boisterous, humble patriotism. We welcomed the world, and they, in turn, embraced us. The Olympic spirit triumphed over tragedy, over embarrassment, over disappointment. And our pride swelled. A "Go Gold or Go Home" attitude prevailed, and we did, indeed, Go Gold. More than any other country in Olympic history.

I'll admit, while watching the closing ceremony, I got weepy. It was such a great games, even with the tragedy and glitches. The triumphant spirit that prevailed was inspiring. I loved hearing the applause for the Georgian team again last night.

I'm no fan of William Shatner, but his bit was funny. Ditto Michael J Fox. I loved the whole thing. The way they poked fun at the malfunctioning cauldron arm, Catriona LeMay Doan getting her chance to light it (I teared up), the tongue in cheek send up of all of those Canadian stereotypes. It was such pure Canadian spirit. A tribute to our nature, our humour and our sense of fun and pride. Loved it! I FREAKIN' LOVE THIS COUNTRY!

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