Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mmm, blueberry jam

I haven't made jam in ages. Not since before Little Mister was born, I think. And I'd forgotten how easy it is to do (so long as I'm organized, which canning forces me to be). So last week we bought blueberries from a local farmer's market. I realized I had enough for jam, and decided to make some. Then the kids and I ate all the berries (Little Miss polished off half a pint the day I bought them).

So Saturday I bought more. 3 pints of cultivated berries and a pint of wild. Made 10 jars of lovely dark blue jam.

Now I want to make more. Freestone peaches will be in season soon (I hate fiddling with peeled clingstones), and hubby says he'd like some peach jam. Strawberries are finished, but I can buy pails of pitted sweet and sour cherries. Eventually I hope to have enough raspberries in the garden to make at least a mixed berry jam (I'm not a huge fan of pure raspberry jam). And blueberries too. We have Alpine strawberries (a wild hybrid), but I don't know that 5 plants will ever yield enough berries for jam. Maybe I should get some more plants.

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